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Update by user Oct 13, 2020

Globe customer service is "deliberately incompetent" and by that I mean they purposefully create processes that make it difficult if not impossible to comply with in order to charge the customer more than they should be paying, in terms of time and money with the end goal to extract as much money as they possibly can.

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2020

Been a postpaid Globe customer for 8 years. Left the Philippines during Covid period and successfully temporarily disconnected the line.

Globe, without my consent, reconnected the line one month later and started my billing again. Ok, fine, they have a process where one must manually request a new temp disconnect each month...except for there is one problem: There is no way to contact them to do this. Their email bounces back. The international hotline, which i had to pay to call, has a voice mail message that says it is not handling things like disconnects due to covid.

Their stores were closed so I could not even send a relative to transact and since I am abroad the 211 number will not work for me.

So guess what? The only channels left to me were to use FB messenger to reach Globe and if ever someone wanted to create the worst possible customer service user experience on the planet, they need only to copy what Globe has done with messenger! Here are the problems with it:

1. If you send a message, you might get a reply 2 hours later or in most cases about 12 hrs.


Each time you get a reply you are probably getting a new agent because they fail to either read or even acknowledge any of the previous chats as they ignore anything you reference about them or they simply repeat what the previous message has sent.

3. You might get lucky and have 2 to 3 chats within a few hours and suddenly you get encouraged that you are making progress.

4. But just as quickly, your optimism can be crushed when either they suddenly forget all of the chats before and start asking for the same things again ( see #2) or even worse, they stop responding at all!

5. The agents are totally anonymous, they will not even respond to any requests to transfer the chat to another person or to have the issue escalated to a supervisor nor will they give a reference number for the issue.

Going back to my sad story, I experienced all 5 of these pain points during my chat sessions with globe which started on a sunday and continued for 7 full days and nights.

Each time I was able to get them to chat, they kept on adding a new requirement, one by one, instead of giving me the whole process at the beginning and because i had no choice i kept complying with them. We sent letters, pictures, ID's, videos, and answered every possible question they threw at us. At one point they said I did not sign the letter, which was obviously false so I sent them a picture of the signed letter and circled it. I would characterize their behavior as being "deliberately incompetent" as it seemed like they were just stalling and did not really want me to disconnect.

I complained directly about this and then they asked for full payment that covered the pre-termination of the line ( which they are legally entitled to) as well at the 2 months of charges that resulted from when they turned my line on without my permission and without giving me any way to disconnect it, an amount of about 4K PHP...this amount I told them that I felt it was unfair to collect it considering the circumstances i explained above but it was like chatting with a piece of wood.

So what did I do?

I paid it.. ALL, about 16k php and I even got an auto-reply from Globe accounts saying that the payment was credited.

Imagine my surprise that the next day, the Globe messenger chat agent said they did not receive it! So I sent them a screenshot of that globe email and my one from my bank transfer and then I did not hear from them for another day. Tick tock tick tock.

They got what they wanted and now they ignore the customer.

Finally I got a chat that said and I quote," Your account is well-verified. For us to create a case regarding on your request, since you are in other country so it's not possible that our Retention Team can call you for the process. If you have a family or relatives here in the Philippines that you can authorize, that will help."

I had to re-read this a few times to understand what they were saying so let's unpack it. After about 7 days of questions and supplying of documents and full payments, globe has finally admitted that I am who I say I am.

That's the good news. The bad news, and I say news is because they made no mention of this requirement at any time during the last week of interrogations, that someone from the retention team ( who I assume will try to convince me not to disconnect?) must now get involved so that in order to CREATE A CASE REGARDING MY REQUEST. So in other words, not only was my line not disconnected at all, despite all of the payments and verifications and time spent, it really was not even at a stage where it was even a..request! It was just a suggestion I suppose or an idea or a myth?

And if by some miracle it was transformed into a request, then and only then it might become a ...case? Like as in a legal case where I literally had to fight for it as if i do not have the right to disconnect it and globe may simply decide, on its own, that my case has no bearing and they will dismiss it and I will have to pay for a line I do not use for the rest of my life!

I was shocked and tired and incredibly upset but I gave them one last chance and told them to either give me a number so i could call the retention team , then i gave them my mobile number in the US so they could call me if they preferred and I offered to meet their solution and I would arrange for a relative to standby for a call from that team once they provided the instructions.

Then all of a sudden, Globe went silent. Not a single reply to my last message. Day 1 , day 2, day 5, Day 8, Day 10.

I message them twice a day with a reminder " still waiting" and nothing at all from them, not a single chat.

Did my line finally get disconnected? Did Globe just give up and process it?

Nope, I got a bill a day later for the same line and all they did was subtract the monthly fee from the 16k i sent!! They were never going to disconnect it and this entire process was a sham, a scam, an elaborate ruse to not only take money that did not belong to them, but to keep taking it forever and to never allow me to complain or even contact them about it.

I was done. I contacted an agent I new at globe and explained everything and he managed, even though he has no connections to the consumer mobile division to raise it up to someone and it was finally disconnected..at least I think it was as I got a reference number for it...but I fully expect another bill to come and if I would bet anything that globe still thinks somehow that I did not pay it properly and it will still remain on my credit score and someday someone will look it up in some database and say I owe globe 2 million pesos or whatever figure they want to charge.

Simply put, Globe is a monster.

It is run by a conglomerate with a license to print money and get away with it and consumers are the ones who pay for it all. They could care less about customer service because they can never go bankrupt , yet we keep falling for the same slick marketing tricks and this air of professionalism they perpetuate.

It is all one big lie. I will never transact with this company ever again and I think we should all band together and use the alternatives we have available and demand that our national Telcos start behaving like legitimate organizations, not the organized crime syndicates they behave like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Globe Telecom Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $328.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Globe Telecom Cons: Deliberately incompetent.

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I totally agree about "deliberately incompetent" customer service... I have a similar case and been trying to permanently disconnect my line.

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