I spoke Agent thru Facebook, offering internet home fiber 25mbps P1899. Aftr all the requirements and somes stuff that i need to submit, and Its hood approved.

Aftr 1week agent told ready for installation,march 3 install the internet and phone. And set up the home Internet, aftr that day it was not finish, they advise me to wait tomorrow coz they need to continue they came back the other day, End of the day still not working. But before they left iwa working, As per them they tried to connect to Different Cabinet and it work but thats not the cabinet or POSTE for me they remove again and we lost internet etc.

He Said they came back again and its not Working again, i dont accept 3 days every the installer is in my house juat to continue the activation of home internet, all of my neighbor is using globe and the same plan and its working fine. And I dont want every day give tips 1st Day i give 600 pesos to the installer not every day i will give money.And Food bec of their service is crap.

Service and installer is POOR.

They advise me that they will be back March 5 to finish again.

If its not working i would suggest i don't want to continue this Plan.I internet bec i need to do the Work from home its bec it was required my company.

My adddress

169 E Dangay st veterans village Quezon city, Project 7 near ( Sm north Edsa)


Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Globe Telecom Phone Service.

Location: Makati City, Manila

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