I have to say this: my experience with prepaid load is that Globe is not doing anything effective about it, to stop it; but it is certainly profiting from it, like some drug companies know that their medicines are not only useless but harmful, still they continue to market them.

Three times already I complained to Globe, and the trouble has no cleared up.

The first time I complained, Globe restored my missing load; then the second time I complained, the Globe person told me that they would do a search and I would receive their finding in my mobile, etc.

I left the Globe business office and realized that I did not ask Globe to restore my lost load; but I hated to return because it is always troublesome to go through the whole process of waiting etc., etc. etc.

Then the third time I complained, the Globe person went into tht same spin about doing a search and I would be receiving a message, etc., etc., etc.

I asked the Globe person to restore my lost load, but the person repeated again the same spin, Globe would do a search and find out what the trouble was and I would receive a message from Globe.

I asked again Globe to restore in the meantime my lost load, but the Globe person repeated again the spin that Globe would first do a search, etc., etc., etc.

I was serious and told the Globe person to first restore my lost load because I felt like someone getting my money without my consent and then telling me that I would receive a message from him, and I don't like that kind of a behavior, because before anything else he has to return my money.

So, the Globe person had to get a form and fill it up and then went to the counter where Globe clients were into paying bills etc., but not seeking customers' service.

I noticed that the form was received by one of the persons manning that counter.

She came back and told me that I would receive back my lost load, I asked the Globe person, when? The Globe person said to wait.

I waited then I noticed my mobile phone gave out a sound indicating a message arriving; I read the message, and it was about Globe awarding me the sum of 200 pesos.

I left the Globe business office, but I am sure that I will have to return again, because it will happen again, my prepaid load will diminish even though I did not use it as to take up any amount of load that should correspond to the missing load.

How do I know that I am missing load? Simple, I just text to Globe 222 to inquire about my balance, and when I get the balance, it shows a decrease from previous balance statement but in between that statement and the present one, there had not been any use of my mobile which should take away some load from my prepaid load; this happens repeatedly, so that I fear to text bal to 222 because the balance statement coming back will report again a decreased balance even though I had not used my mobile at all in between the two balance statements.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Has happened with 2 prepaid numbers, called customer service, complained about it, said they'd need to investigate first about the claim, had to wait 8hrs just to get the load back, the thing that really bothers consumers is the fact that "We" as consumers cant contact the hotline without first having an existing load balance of 7php on our numbers. This is like globe telling you to load up and get refunded by force with no possible choice of avoiding such feats..

the sad thing is when we really need to make a call and no money is left in our pockets or store available to purchase additional load is when GLOBE really is nothing but a thief.. NTC should REALLY look into this and force this kind of company scam to be paid back to the populace in 10x the amount taken VAT inclusive..

Muntinlupa City, Rizal, Philippines #1306229

It also happened to me several times in two of my Globe prepaid mobile numbers. In my first experience of this kind, I decided to destroy my Globe sim out of frustration.

But after a year or two, I decided to use Globe prepaid number again only to experience the same fate of load disappearing even if I do not call, text or much less subscribe to mobile date. I am very disappointed with this and I swear not to use Globe prepaid number ever again.


experiencing the same thing. so disappointed.


Yesterday, Oct. 12, 2015, Monday, I went to the Globe business office in the Gateway Mall at Cubao, and the lady there who is the specialist socalled but acting as she calls herself acting manager -- because the manager is in training -- insisted on repeating and repeating and repeating that Globe has to make an investigation before it can restore my vanished load.

I told her that two previous Globe persons restored my lost load, she should do the same, but she said that she would just let me have a good will load of only 50 pesos, good for 15 days.

So, it was impossible to make her see facts and logic, this person has adopted the spin and spiel and illogic of not doing what is correct and just and binding, namely, to restore my lost load; I had no choice but to accept the good will socalled load of just 50 pesos.

In the meantime this old old old complaint from prepaid load customers will continue to rake in enormous unjust profit to Globe.

My next step is to go to the government consumers' advocate office, and see what it will do with Globe, to make it first restore the lost load before anything else, about doing a search etc., etc., etc.

The way I see it, it must be already a built-in feature of Globe, like randomly choosing all the time 10% of prepaid subscribers to take away their prepaid load, so that Globe will skim more money unjustly from prepaid customers; and then when such cheated customers complain, Globe personnel will go into spin mode, and then to give some consuelo de bobo (consolation to the fool, in the present case no fool but a victim of Globe), like returning you just 50 pesos.

In effect Globe is challenging you to go and bring your grievance to anywhere you have time and trouble and energy for this your cause for justice against Globe. Eventually you will just have to swallow the bitter pill of being cheated, instead of throwing away more good money in pursuit of your cause against the evil goliath big business like Globe, with more use of time, and trouble, and labor, to seek justice, but in the meantime what about your job or economic undertaking to earn as to live decently?

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