I have been calling 211 several times already regarding your charging of netflix to my account. During signing in netflix maybe last november or october last year, i chose globe as my payment method, but after an hour I havent received any confirmation so i changed my payment details to my credit card instead.

To my surprise after a month, you charged me of 369 for netflix and so is my credit card. I called your customer service and asked help to cancel my registration in netflix and to stop the charging because my card was already paying for it. Still up to this day, been calkinv your 211 several times to cancel and stop the charging but to no avail. To add it up, I also asked for a refund from december 2019 of your charges but was also rejected.

It is so unfair because you keep on charging me for netflix when in fact you are NOT paying them. You should also give me my refund because I did ask your people to cancel my registration as early as december. I hope you can help me this time.

Thank you. I am looking for your feedback regarding this issue.

User's recommendation: They are ignoring my concerns. They dont give any feedback at all.

Location: Makati City, Manila

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