To whom it may concern,

My frustration started the last month when I requested for transfer of location which took too long for you guys to process. Around 1st or 2nd week of January, I attempted to file a request and even submitted multiple tickets for you guys to call me but received no response from you.

So, I visited the store last January 20 and the lady told me it will only take 3 days since it's something urgent. Note that we transferred to our new house last January 22. Since it was already more than 3 days and our internet connection was still not transferred, I visited the store again for the 2nd time last January 26 and John, the store rep. told me there was an outage on the account which causes the delay.

How come the 1st store rep. I talked to wasn't able to figure out there was an outage? She could have informed me so I would know what to expect. John told me he would monitor the account and will continue to update me from time to time and as expected, he didn't do that and I had to follow up again.

Finally, the internet connection was transferred last January 29. Know that I am working from home and is the only one supporting my family. In every day I'm unable to report to work, I lost more than 1k. Because of your delays, I wasn't able to work for 7 days.

Not just that! Last February 7, our internet connection was cut off again and again, I had to send multiple tickets/appointments before you guys attend my concern. Because of this issue, I was not able to work again for 2 days. The worst was while I was in the middle of my shift, the internet got cut off again today (February 10) and lost all the efforts I've done on that shift.

The technician who attended to my concern told me it was the cabinet that has issue since it's already old. I need a reliable internet connection not for leisure but for my work! For that 9 days I was not able to work, I've lost more than 10k and I'm asking compensation for all the inconvenience I've experienced plus your ignorance and unwillingness to help.

Yes, ignorance and unwillingness because of the misinformation and I had to submit multiple appointments before you guys will call me. Hope to hear from you soon or else, I will raise this concern directly to NTC.

Thank you,

Romeo Dondoyano Jr.

Location: Talisay City, Central Visayas

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